Hilarious Retro Games

Playing video games is fun enough but games that make you burst out laughing? Really?! Seriously, here are some of the most hilarious retro video games that made your parents and your grandparents enjoy so much:retro_games

Jack the Nipper

In this game that involves shooting innocent people with a pea shooter, you will find it amusing as you control naughty Jack who intends to carry out all kinds of wacky pranks to increase his “naughtyometer”. If get caught by adults, Jack gets spanked which increases his “nappy rash meter” and eventually causes you to loose a life.

How to be a Complete Bastard

Your “Drunkometer”, “Fartometer”, “Smellometer” and “Weeeometer” are controlled to cause as much riot as you can imagine in this game inspired by the book of the same title. Who won’t have fits of laughter playing this game?

Sam & Max Hit the Road

More of an adventure game, the duo who are characters in a hit comic book series travels to many American tourist spots to solve the mystery of the frozen Bigfoot. Lots of humor in the story, plus great voice acting, graphics and gameplay.

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