Toys-to-Life Lego Dimensions Already Available

Lego_PicTesting the waters of the toys-to-life market is Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment with its newest video game title, Lego Dimensions. A teaser was recently released and it has earned a lot of thumbs up from the video gaming community and is even believed to be one tough competition for pioneers like  Skylanders and Disney Infinity series.

The starter pack is already out and includes a Lego toy pad; 3 Lego figurines – mini-Batman, mini-Gandalf and mini-Wyldstyle, a Batmobile; and of course the video game. Imagine the cutest characters in building blocks bravely rescuing their friends and the whole Lego world. The super popular building blocks will greatly contribute to the growing success of this video game niche. Lego Dimension will soon be available on PlayStation 4, XBox One, Wii U, and many other consoles.

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