Video Game Music Revamped

Video_Game_Music_picVideo Game Music has come along way since its humble beginnings. If before people secretly hid their favorite video game music on their portable players, now video game soundtracks can be heard blasting from car stereos and home. Video game music are being played all over the online radio stations, chiptune festivals and in festivals for video game music.

This rave over video game soundtracks is well deserved considering that nowadays, they just don’t make video game music like they used to. From planning and production up to the file types being used have really leveled up. Today, sound engineers are composing MIDI track themes, full orchestras are recording in massive recording studios, and real bands and artists are featured in video games. You can now enjoy covers and remixes of video game tunes!

There are popular websites where you can listen to great remixes of classic video games, power metal video game covers, and MIDI interpretations of retro and new video game soundtracks. Fans will absolutely love to listen to these sites 24/7, if they can.

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