Upcoming Australian Cosplay Events in 2016

Cosplay_PicIt officially starts next week! On January 23, the first of the series of new Cosplay events in Australia will begin. First off is Rooster Teeth Expo Australia or RTXAU, a two-day event that will happen at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

Next on the list of upcoming Cosplay events is Andrometa, an exciting unique event on the 6th of February at the Albert Hall in Canberra. There will be Cosplay competitions, Cosplay showcase, a gaming tournament, and fun activities like face painting, dance performances and a lot more.Cosplay_Pic_2

There’s also GX Australia or Gaymer Expo Australia on February 27-28, at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.  GX is formerly known as GaymerX and was the first and largest convention internationally focused on celebrating LGBTQ+ and diverse gamers. Now, its expanding to Australia! Warning: GX is exclusive for 15+ so those who are under 15, please come with a guardian.

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