Oz Comic Con 2016 Guest Jusz Cosplay

Jusz_CosplayJusz_Cosplay_pic_2Coming to the Oz Comic-Con to present one workshop and to host the new “Cosplay Active” cosplay competition is Canada-based cosplayer Justine or Jusz Cosplay as she is popularly known. She is both thrilled and nervous to get invitation as guest from the convention that she loves attending. Here, she tells some of her experiences and shares some tips for new cosplayers about to do their first shoot.

“Cosplay and photographers go together like bread and butter.” Justine says its important for the cosplayer and photographer to talk about their concept for the shoot and swap ideas. Every shoot according to her is “a new experience” and that she is “still learning new things every single time.”

Justine advises newbies to be prepared and come to a shoot with poses that have been practiced. “The more the cosplayer can contribute, the better.”

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