PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

PS4_vs_XB1_pix_2Gamers are a fickle bunch, they always say, and there’s been a longstanding debate as to who is the better console – PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Sales reveal PS4 outselling XB1 2:1. Ps4 has close to 40 million while XB1 has a little more than 20 million. Opinions vary among the fanbase. Some say tPS4_vs_XB1_pix_1he better-looking console is PS4 with its slimmer, sleeker design. There are claims that the rubber on Sony’s analogue stick easily wears out. There’s no such issue with Microsoft’s controller. In the hardware section, it’s fair to say that PS4 delivers higher resolution and sharper visuals.

Although hardware, controller, and operating systems are big factors to consider, it is really the games that matters in a console. For exclusives, there are good contents for XB1 but it doesn’t have that much of a list. The best third party games look better for PS4, especially with the arrival of the smash hit exclusive Uncharted 4.

Retro editor, Paul Monopoli, shares his opinion why PS4 is outselling XB1. To read more, please click here.