Gears of War 4 Flaunts New Weapons and Gameplay Feature

71tTWkEisPL._SL1012_Fans of J.D. Fenix in the third-person shooter game, Gears of War, prepare for a new saga as our beloved protagonist alongside his friends Del and Kait rescue set out to rescue their loved ones and battle a new enemy. 25 years after the destruction in planet Sera, the few hundreds of thousands of humans left are forced to adapt to new ways to survive.

Several elements of the gameplay in the previous series is retained. A new feature can be used for melee attacks and allows new methods to perform. There are also new weapons introduced. There is the Dropshot which fires explosive drills and the Buzzkill which fires ricocheting sawblades. Different categories of weather affects combat and weapon usage. There are four featured like heavy breeze and violent windstorms.

Watch out for the Gears of War 4 at Gametraders during its official release worldwide.