Finally! Dark Souls III, Now With Weapon Abilities

Capture 2CaptureNew to Dark Souls III is the weapon abilities which can be used by players to  destroy their enemies. You just need to hold the left trigger to enter a special stance that will allow you to unleash a special attack unique to the weapon type.

This latest installment, compared to the previous entries in the series, can be so addicting. It will get you hooked with its really challenging gameplay – its considered the most challenging franchise of its time. Moreover, it flaunts a balanced combat, intimidating environment and monsters, as well as an impressive art direction and graphics. Plus, there’s the new FP System or the Focus Points used to cast magic and perform weapon skills.

Dark Souls III gives an overall engaging experience to both true blue fans and newbies. It was recently released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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