Full Game Review: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

CaptureOdin_pic1I’m playing as a Valkyrie, a daughter of King Odin, and right now im in a lush forest cutting my way through the faeries that are the enemies of my father. My weapon is a spear tipped with a Psypher, a crystal capable of harvesting the souls of the dead, and with each sprite or pixie i mow down a tiny blue spirit wafts into the air.

I could absorb these souls and use them to level up my weapon’s skills, but right now im engaging in a bit of on-the-spot agriculture. Souls can also be used to grow plants, and with each soul i liberate the plant i am nursing grows a little higher. Finally, with the area cleared of enemies, the plant begins to bud: a live sheep pops out and starts to sprint away from me. I hunt it down and with one stab from my blade it pops into a lamb chop, ready for a nearby chef to grill into a healthy, exp-rewarding meal.

Growing and cooking are integral to Odin Sphere’s character raising system, with every item of food comsumed giving your health a permanent buff. A morsel could provide something as tiny as 4 hit points, but a carefully prepared feast could grant as much as 50. It is possible to gain levels just by killing enemies, but the extra exp and health from growing your own fruit and sheep is too rewarding to pass up. Plus, the lovingly rendered plates of food are their own reward, so beautiful they make you feel a little hungry.

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