Retro Games Live Again

old_classics_picRetro Games on your Phone or Tablet?

Retro Blasphemy!

OK, so that’s a bit strong, but I can see it now; some retro fans freaking out because I loaded a classic game on my iOS device. Yes, it’s true, there’s a bunch of classic retro games available on your phone or tablet that will give you more of a nostalgia rush than a lime milkshake!

There are a great mix of old classic on both iOS and Android. You simple need to do some searching or you can simply use Google to find some lists to browse. Games Radar is a good start, as is Pocket Gamer.

Sure, I love playing on old systems, but sometimes I want the graphics to be a bit more modern for my new phone or tablet. Plus, the ability to re-live those classics anytime I want is a bonus.

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