For the Collectors

2016-07-07_2239If you read game and tech magazines then you’re probably a bit of a tech geek, like me. I love technology, particularly smart phones, cameras, consoles and sound equipment, which are all things that I use daily, or at least weekly. What I didn’t really know was just how collectible some of those products are. In the past, we’ve looked at some rare games, but you’ll be amazed at the prices collectors are asking, and paying for, old tech items.

Let’s take a look…

Firstly, let’s take a look at the good old, first generation iPods. Yes, those little music machines are now fetching big dollars on eBay. While searching, one of the top results shows a “Collectors Set” of 3 iPods. This listing includes the first generation 20GB, 10GB and 5GB units.

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