Monster Hunter Generations Review

Monster Hunter series long-time fans and newbies alike are guaranteed to have a blast playing Monster Hunter Generations. This new game has incorporated the best parts of the previous Monster Hunter games and injected some exciting new elements. You start off as hunter out to get monsters, harvesting resources and obtaining better equipment in your journey. As you forge and fortify new weapons and armour from materials you’ve gathered, your strength and ability increases.

Recently released on the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter Generations lets players play as a Felyne for the first time and features fan favourite monsters and missions. This action RPG has four hunting styles to choose from – Guild Style, Striker Style, Aerial Style, and Adept Style. You have the option to play solo but it is with a team of four hunters in a co-operative gameplay that is most engaging. It has the best co-op in the history of the Monster Hunter series.

Although targeting and camera can be iffy and there’s lack of strong narrative, Monster Hunter Generations still got a high score review of 8.9/10 due to its being accessible, fantastic multi-player, nice graphics, and great combination of previously loved features with new ones!