Grow Up Review

BUD, the Botanical Utility Droid in Grow Home, is back in the sequel Grow Up. Here, BUD continues his journey to catalogue all the plant forms in the universe aboard MOM, his crashed spaceship.

Just like Grow Home, the little red robot BUD deals with growing Starplants, the biggest feature in the previous series. Under BUD’s care, the Starplants go from seed to massive Tower of Babel. To grow them, you need to climb up and find a poky tendril, then ride straight into a nearby energy rock that fuels the Starplant to grow higher. When you get high enough, you can now access one of MOM’s crashed parts.

Grow Up is a charming game that lets the player find joy in wandering around a vibrant world, clearing challenges, collecting things, and growing stuff without restriction. You will find it surprisingly freeing. However, all the wandering sort of puts you in an awkward position. Your sheer joy is fleeting and you end up frustrated of the game being deadly slow. This issue of movement has gotten Grow Up a score of 6.7/10.