Bindi Smalls’ Love for Cosplay

5Welcome! First up where did you come up with your cosplay name, Bindi Smalls?
Bindi Smalls, has been my gaming name for the last 10 years. Most of my friends at one point knew me by Bindi. “Bindi” was a randomly generated name from World of Warcraft that I altered by one letter, and “Smalls” came from my stature – I’m 5’3”!

Now you’re based in the U.S, where about in the U.S?
I’m based in northern Colorado at the moment. I’m originally from Florida, and lived Northern Virginia for a while as well.

Why do you cosplay? What I mean is there a lot of work in costumes and make up and going to cons. Do you make an income out of cosplay or do you plan to?

Cosplay is a fun medium for creative expression. There’s something special about wearing something you made, it’s a statement about ownership of the way you present yourself to others.

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