Classics on PC – Strike Commander

strikePC gaming in the 90s was a historic time. It was also a time of change. Faster processors allowed early gamers to experience higher end graphics, faster action and better sound. The 80386 microprocessor was replaced by the 486, and as a gamer back then you either had an Intel chip, an AMD chip, or one from a less popular brand, such as a Cyrix or IBM. Most people lusted after the 486DX2-66 from Intel, combined with eight to sixteen megabytes of RAM, along with a good sound card of course. With this, your MS-DOS powered PC was set for gaming.

My first PC was an AMD DX-40, built in Adelaide by one of the hundreds of PC shops that had suddenly sprung up. Saturday’s paper was full of ads for custom PCs, and everyone seemed to be looking at buying a computer system for homework, home financers, recipes and all those excuses that were really cover for their true purpose – gaming.

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