TIE Fighter – Classic PC Game in the 90s

fighter fighter_2You can’t have issue 1 of a retro magazine without mentioning how good TIE Fighter was. TIE Fighter is a fast paced, Star Wars themed, space combat sim with a good story backing it up.

“As the follow up to Star Wars: X-Wing, you take on the role of an Imperial starfighter pilot who takes to space and battles the Rebels. You are initially based in the Hoth System due to increased Rebel traffic. You star by inspecting ship cargo from your TIE FIGHTER, and dog fighting with Rebel pilots. You will want a joystick to play this and the flying is smooth and realistic (well, as realistic as possible for a ship that doesn’t exist). The graphics are smooth, and when you are flying in formation with other TIE fighters it’s an incredibly immersive experience. Your HUD is easy to use and informative, and the flying is intuitive. There are exterior views too, so you can see just how cool you look in combat.

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