5 Board Games You Gotta Play!

5_board_gamesWhat happened? We went from a few people playing games now and then to a full on major pastime. I have a theory, no, not a conspiracy theory, although at Live we love to consider those too. But my theory is this…

When smart phones became mainstream I think many people became so glued to screens that the personal connections in our lives shrunk to bare minimum. The Pokemon GO came out and millions of trainers hit the streets, sometimes in packs, looking for Pokemon. That was a good start to getting the social interaction happening again.

At the same time, lots of gamers discovered or re-discovered the simply joy of playing a board game, table top game or card game. The sheer fun of destroying your friend or hunting them down or blowing the daylights out of their Tie Fighter in X-wing was just irresistible!

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