Interview with Cosplayer Raychul Moore

raychul_mooreHi Jennifer, welcome to Live Magazine. You really have an impressive resume, can you share with our readers some of your highlights…

Hi, and thank you! I was the lead actress in a recent feature film called ‘Excess Baggage” available now. I was also an actor in the shows “Walking and Circles” and “Warriors Showdown” where I performed my own stunts in several fight scenes. I have been a backup dancer for the J-Pop band ‘Girl Next Door”. I have been a backup dancer for Smashing Pumpkins. Acted in a couple of local and national commercials, as well as performed in many live shows for Disney and Universal Studios.

You’ve done stage combat fighting, dance, and sword play – they are an interesting mix for an actress, can you tell us a bit about that and if you’ve used them in any of your work..

Yes, I started as a dancer doing shows… To read more, please click here.