Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – quick review

Dustin Wilson – our intrepid Product Manager and Event expert went to the midnight launch – here’s his 5 minute review… he said he didn’t cry… ( I think he might have – Ed)


By Dustin Wilson

How to best describe #RogueOne.

Rogue One, to a long time Star Wars fan is like that one stand-alone Star Wars novel. The one that you love all the characters, the action, the excitement, the universe building. It is then turned into a movie, where everyone involved loved that stand alone novel just as much as you.

Rogue One, to a non-obsessive Star Wars fan is an incredibly strong movie that sucks you in quickly into both characters and story with both arcs having an emotional hit that spontaneously makes you applaud at the end.

Rogue One, to a fan of movie technique is a great example of re-shoots & editing done well. The original trailer included footage not used in the final cut of the film. Reshoots and editing created a final piece that kept the pace of energy at the right level enveloping the viewer in the story at all times.

Bottom line, Rogue One is a jewel in the crown of the Star Wars franchise, a story of action and emotion that both Star Wars fans and movie fans can enjoy from start to finish.

PS- Janet (my girlfriend) cried. Me, well, I just had a bit of dust in my eye, and that’s why they were watery at that one moment.


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