Resident Evil: The Game Becomes A 6 Movie Series

7Art Imitating Art

When Constantin Film bought the rights to the first Resident Evil film in 1997, the original choice for writer and director was George A. Romero – he of Night of the Living Dead fame.

Capcom producer, Yoshiki Okamoto stated that “Romero’s script wasn’t good, so Romero was fired.” A new script was written by Paul W. S. Anderson and in 2000 he was announced by Sony as writer and director. A key point by Anderson was that the movie would not include tie-ins with the game as he felt the movie deserved a good “celluloid representation”. Milla Jovovich was announced as the key character, Alice.

She was also in the Fifth Element as Leeloo, and precious to that was a super model who quit school at age 12 to focus full time on her modeling.

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