Interview with Artist Ty Hanson

2Millennium Exile is an Australian based project by Ty Hanson. Working with artists from around the world, Ty plans for his title to one day become a Japanese Anime. Ty, how did you get started in art? Who inspired you to begin?

I have always been drawing for as long as I can remember and I grew up watching Anime such as Astroboy, Mazinger Z, Macross and Tekkaman Blade. However at the age of 11 my mother passed away from cancer. I never had many friends growing up and I was bullied rather severely.

Anime was an “escape” for me back then. I was so fascinated with the art style and the stories that were being told….. I found Anime so much deeper that a cat chasing a mouse, or a rabbit messing with a duck for 30 minutes. I guess you could say that when things got darkest for me, it was my passion for Anime that quite literally saved my life.

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