A Look Back At Titanfall

4The Best And Most Polarizing Shooter Of The 8th Gen

With Titanfall 2 due out tomorrow, it seems like a good excuse to revisit the 2014 title that started it all. The original Titanfall first appeared on the national radar at E3 2013, where it quickly became a critical darling. It won over 60 awards, including an unprecedented six E3 Critics Awards. Amongst the gaming community, though, the reactions were more mixed. Some saw it as deliverance from an increasingly stale and safe genre. Others dismissed it superciliously as “Call of Duty with mechs.”

What explains the divergence in opinion? First-person shooter fatigue surely played a part. Yet just as real estate is all about “location, location, location,” all too often video games are about exclusives, exclusives, exclusives. The fact that Titanfall found a home on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 – and not PS4 – rubbed some fans the wrong way. As a result we saw many Xbox fans championing the game as the Second Coming, and many Playstation fans doubting its quality and appeal.

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