Batman: Return to Arkham

5There is little doubt that the Arkham games are some of the best gaming experiences that last generation had to offer. With a 92 and 96 on Meta critic respectively, 2009’s Arkham Asylum and 2011’s Arkham City received widespread critical acclaim from both gamers and Batman fans alike, thanks to developer Rocksteady’s superb polish and the games’ outstanding voice cast, storytelling, and combat system. Last week saw the release of Return to Arkham; a remastered collection of these two games which includes all of their DLC, and the promise of updated visuals making use of the superior specs of current-gen hardware.

The first major update by Virtuos, the development team behind the remastered collection, was porting both games from Unreal Engine 3 over to Unreal Engine 4. This is relatively uncommon for the remastered space, as other re-releases (such as the Bioshock Collection) continue to use their original engines, just with updated graphics, 1080p resolution, and an improved frame rate.

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