Battlefield 1 Review

6I was admittedly late to board the Battlefield train, only first jumping into the series with both Battlefield 4 and Hardline earlier this year when they were going for $6.50 each. Despite not really being the biggest fan of FPS games, I soon found myself addicted to the series, relishing the ability to play in a variety of different ways and commandeer assault vehicles, racking up points in ways other than simply having the fastest trigger finger. Battlefield, above all else, rewards teamwork, and there’s no better feeling that when you form a squad with a few buddies and try to make a difference in the fullscale war exploding around you, as opposed to the more lone wolf style of gameplay that the Call of Duty series has devolved into over the years.

So, I came to Battlefield 1 with extremely high expectations; despite missing out on the multiplayer Beta, initial gameplay reveals looked promising and the prospect of waging a miniature battle in the mew multiplayer mode “Operations” seemed to naturally expand upon the point capturing chaos of the series hallmark ‘Conquest” mode.

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