Photo Tips: Be A Better Photographer

6Why Taking Time From Shooting Cosplay Can Make You A Better Photographer

This article isn’t for the casual photographer that loves to go along to XYZ Con and shoot some cool photos of cosplayers and that’s them done for the month and or year. No, this is for the photographer that wants to get better. Wants to improve themselves as an artist. Firstly though, I want to explain how cosplay can help you become better as an artist. The main benefits of cosplay photography is you don’t have to worry about make-up, hair styling and even models – if you know some cosplayers they’ll usually happily organize a shoot with you. What you do need to do though, is ensure your location matched the character or mood of the shoot. If you’re at a “con” the challenge is that the background is often a bunch of people walking around having fun. So, what I tend to do is treat a con shoot as almost a journalistic style shoot – capturing the day and the colour and costumes of the event. Cosplayers know their characters and generally know how to pose to suit. So you end up with much of the photo worked out before you even shoot.

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