Why 4K And HDR Should Get You Excited!

2Take a walk into any store selling TVs and it you’ll see the selling point “4K” is all over the place. But what’s so good about 4K? Well for starters if you have a TV with 4K you’ve got four times the resolution of a traditional HD display. That means even sharper, clearer pictures. So while your current TV that is HD may have a resolution of 1920 vertical columns by 1080 horizontal, a 4K screen has 3840 by 2160 which is almost the same as cinema screens running “Cinema 4K”.

Watching 3D content that has been filmed using 4K cameras means that when the picture is split in two, then you wear the glasses to bring the movie into one screen, the resolution drops due to the splitting. But when content is made with 4K your resolution is much higher and so you still get HD images that are sharp and clear to watch.

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