Classycat Cosplay

Welcome to Live Magazine Classycat Cosplay! Firstly tell us about yourself, where you live and how you got into cosplay…

Hello! I’m Amy otherwise known as Classycat Cosplay! I’m 22 years old and I grew up and live in a small town in rural British Columbia Canada. Think trees and wildlife, I basically live in the woods haha. I have always been really into video games, manga and anime and by accident, I stumbled into the cosplayt scene while searching up art online and seeing someone dressed as one of the characters. I was totally mesmerized by the fact other people were into something like that since I knew almost no one who had similar interests to my own. From there I saved up, ordered a cosplay online and when I was around 15 years old I packed up and travelled a 7 hours drive to Calgary Alberta to attend my first Cosplay Convention as Haine Otomiya from the manga, “The Gentlement’s Alliance Cross.” By Arina Tanemura.

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