Being my own boss isn’t a job to me, it’s what I love doing. And when you’re doing something you love you’re in a good place.

(Rob Forward – Franchise Owner,  Macarthur Square)


“Today I played video games, helped kids with their Pokemon cards, stocked up on collectable Pops and ordered a bunch of foam swords!  Oh.. and I’m 30% up on last year!”

A typical day in a Gametraders franchise? Yes it is. As a Gametraders franchisee you’ll join an enthusiastic group of store owners and a support team all dedicated to helping you succeed.

Gametraders is a long established franchise, starting in 2000 and now with franchises across Australia, we’re Australia’s largest game and pop culture franchise. And the good news for you is we’re growing and wanting to talk to people like you who are interested in taking control of their life in 2017.

Imagine your day as a Gametraders franchise owner, you work with products that are exciting and in demand… video games, board games, trading cards, collectables and so much more. You’ll have access to a team of experienced support team at head office plus access to all store owners to swap ideas and work together.

A Gametraders franchise is a business that is fun – after all you’re involved in gaming and technology. Areas that are always growing and changing – like our franchise model. We’ve evolved to keep ahead of the curve. You also get:

  • Powerful brand recognition – Gametraders has been loved by gamers for over 16 years.
  • Comprehensive franchise model and support.
  • Growing demand for pop culture and entertainment products.
  • Exciting new products from our established range of suppliers.
  • Evolution of product development to include pop culture and movie related merchandise that is in high demand by customers.
  • Total marketing support including digital content, video, art assets and in-store promotions.
  • Massive loyalty card program.
  • Support and advice from established franchise owners dedicated to the Gametraders brand.
  • In-store support and visits by head office team who work with you to grow your business.
  • Choice of business models – both established and depending on your location – Live store which as a more community feel including tournaments and in-store events and traditional retail store with massive foot traffic.
  • Assistance with lease negotiations, product advice and training plus full local marketing training and support.
  • Dedicated marketing team including graphic design, copy writing and visual productions.
  • Plus much more to ensure you are in control…

Want to know more – click here to talk to our Managing Director personally and discover more about being a Gametraders franchisee.

(read on to find out more about how Gametraders began)

A letter from the Managing Director and Founder of Gametraders, Mark Langford

In 2000 when I opened our first store I would not have predicted the many changes gaming and game retail has gone through in 16 years. Our growth in those early years reflected the changes in people’s perception of gaming from the 80s and 90s where it seemed it was kids playing video games and trading card games to today where almost everyone plays video games, board games, trading cards or they simply love pop culture like Dr Who, Star Wars and everything in between.

Our stores evolved dramatically over the past 10 years. We went from a video game shop to a pop culture super store with a huge range of fun and cool products that fans told us they loved. .

In 2013 we evolved further with an exciting new store strategy that has seen amazing results.

That idea was the creation of Gametraders Live!
Live is a unique store idea that saw the fusion of a retail business combined with what the fans wanted – a game community location that they could hang out at, play trading card and table top games and enjoy their love of gaming. Our first Live store in Penrith is doing extremely well and is bucking the trend in retail that sees either flat or negative growth across many other retail groups in Australia!

Here’s where you come into the picture…

Our stores across the group are franchised and work to a tested model that survived the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) when other retailers shut their doors for good. When some shopping centres pushed for higher rents we simply created a new option for those wanting to take control of their lives without the overhead of high rents. This is our “Live” franchise offering. And while we still are working to open new centre locations, we now also are opening Live stores that are not located in expensive shopping centres but instead are in busy street locations that appeal to our market. Our Live stores are a destination for gamers and fans of pop culture. They are a community of gamers, trading card and table top gamers and those who just love the gaming lifestyle.

The lower rents and larger locations offered by our Live store model ensures a higher gross profit potential and a great opportunity for the right franchisee.
If you have ever thought about being your own boss, taking control of your life and would like to know about a Gametraders franchise or a Gametraders Live franchise, I would like to talk to you personally. I invite you to contact me.

Like our Penrith location, I believe Gametraders Live franchise stores have immense potential across Australia, they will be a  community where dedicated gamers will call home. Will come to play and experience the excitement of Gametraders and shop with a store and franchise owner that connects with them.

You don’t need to be a hard core gamer, you do need to be someone who has a drive to succeed and loves relating to people. You need to be someone who wants to be in control of their life!

I would love to hear from you.

Mark Langford

Managing Director

Gametraders Franchising Pty. Ltd

08 8338 2557


Visit our website for even more information and to see what our product range looks like.

“Gametraders has been Australias’ leading video game and pop culture franchise since 2000.”

With a Gametraders Franchise, you don’t need to have lot’s of business or gaming experience, you do need:

  • A passion to take control of your life.
  • A desire to succeed in your business.
  • A love of cutting edge and fun products that customers love and want.
  • An understanding of being part of the team – the franchise model works and our most successful stores follow the model!
  • The desire to wake up in the morning and know you are your own boss – the day is yours, you make the decisions!


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